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Uncover the Enchantment of Carnival in Palma de Mallorca


As February unfolds, the lively hues of festivity cascade through Palma's streets, metamorphosing the city into a vibrant spectacle in homage to Carnival – one of the most jubilant celebrations of the year. This spirited event unfailingly occurs 40 days before Maundy Thursday, and this year, it commences on Thursday, February 8, coinciding with the 'Dijous Llarder' festivity on the island. Rooted in Roman times, this traditional celebration promises an authentic culinary journey with local delights such as ensaimada de tallades, cocas dulces, and greixoneras.

The focal point of the carnival is Sa Rua, a splendid parade featuring floats and comparsas winding through the charming streets of the city center, set to take place on Sunday the 11th. Yet, preceding the immersion into the vibrant energy of Sa Rua, the youngest members of the family revel in their own realm at Sa Rueta – a moment specially dedicated to them before the main celebration kicks off

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