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The island of Mallorca is famous throughout the world for its warm climate and wonderful beaches. Around 300 beaches on the island are one of the main attractions for visitors from all over the world.

Author: Turisme Illes Balears


The ground beneath Mallorca hides incomparable geological treasures. A fantasy world created by water dripping for thousands of years to form amazing and surprising stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the caves on the island are among the most beautiful in the world. Today we know that he was wrong, in spite of the fact that more than 200 natural caves have been listed, but only five are open to visitors and are some of the biggest attractions on the island.

Author: Turisme Illes Balears


The Sierra de Tramuntana has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Cultural Landscape category. The declaration recognises the almost perfect symbiosis between the action of human beings and nature that has taken place over the centuries, creating a monumental human achievement combining culture, traditions, aesthetics, spirituality and identity.

Author: Turisme Illes Balears


Religious architecture is well represented in all the towns and cities in Mallorca through their churches, shrines, chapels and monasteries. One of the most unique buildings is the Lluc Monastery in Escorca, considered the spiritual centre of the island. Lluc attracts a large number of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts due to its impressive mountainous landscape with rocky outcrops and holm oak forests.

Author: Turisme Illes Balears


The unique scenery in Mallorca has blessed the island with a natural environment which is rich in different landscapes and unique ecosystems. That is the reason why around 40 percent of the island is protected.

Author: Turisme Illes Balears


Mallorca has been a source of inspiration for many artists whose names have gone down in the history of twentieth-century art. Joaquín Soroya, Santiago Rusiñol, Anglada Camarasa, Joaquín Mir and Joan Miró, among others, were captivated by the scenery and nature on the island and particularly by its unique light. This factor is one of the reasons there are so many cultural centres and art galleries on the island. There is a wide variety of art on show throughout the year, ranging from museums and private collections to the bright hopes of young artists.

Author: Turisme Illes Balears


Mallorcan cuisine is considered a prime example of a healthy diet. The cuisine is a reflection of the different cultures that have shaped the island’s identity. The fact that it is an island, combined with good weather all year round, provides Mallorca with an exquisite choice of products, many of which are exclusive to the island.

Mallorcan cuisine offers a full range of high quality meat from local farms, fresh fish and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables that add delicious flavour to dishes. In general, the result is a genuine local flavour that is one of the main attractions and pleasures of a visit to Mallorca.

Trasluz Restaurant - Melia Palma Bay


Mallorca has one of the most extensive and varied choice of restaurants in the entire Mediterranean. It offers both typical, traditional cuisine and the most innovative haute cuisine you could imagine. Mallorca has a great choice of restaurants ranging from traditional "cellers" (local cuisine) and restaurants serving delicious "Pa amb Oli" to sophisticated international restaurants specialising in "nouvelle cuisine", regional Spanish cuisine or international restaurants serve French (creperie), Italian (pizzeria), Egyptian, Indian, Mexican, Argentine, Chinese and Japanese food, among many others.

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