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Avant-Garde Architecture


Francisco Mangado (Navarra, 1957), architect of the Palma Convention Centre, combines his work as a lecturer at the University of Navarra (from which he graduated in 1981) with his architectural projects. Among his most outstanding works are the Pamplona Congress Centre and Auditorium and the Municipal Exhibition and Congress Centre in Ávila. In his work he creates ideological architecture, always characterised by his sensitivity towards the relationship with the environment.

Mangado constantly aims to create important, meaningful and responsible architecture with a civic vocation. Works that receive large numbers of visitors, made with modest materials and with evident intelligence. His works respond to each different context and society, but above all it is architecture at the service of each different culture.

In 2017 he received the National Architecture Award for his design of the Palma Convention Centre.

Francisco MangadoPhoto: Juan Rodríguez
Palau de Congressos


Mangado strives to integrate his architecture with its surroundings and incorporate the characteristics of each location. His design was inspired by three key aspects of Palma which came together to shape the project: the waves, the sunlight and the fine sand of the beaches.

Looking south and with an exceptional location on Palma Bay, the Palma Convention Centre is a new icon for the Balearic capital. Its 4 floors and capacity for more than 2,000 people make it the ideal place to host conferences, conventions and every kind of event.

From the growing demand for spaces for events and congresses, an imposing building arises, dressed in noble materials including padouk wood, granite, marés sandstone and aluminium.

The materials used in the construction of the building contribute to its sustainability. The façade features ALUSION panels made by injecting air containing fine ceramic particles into molten aluminium. These particles stabilise the bubbles in the air just like cocoa powder stabilises the bubbles when added to milk.

Both auditoriums offer unbeatable acoustics designed by HIGINI ARAU, international experts in acoustic architecture. The wood used in construction comes from Africa: The PADOUK tree can reach up to 40 metres in height. The timber is greatly appreciated due to its toughness and stability, although it is easy to work. It is bright red when freshly cut, but fades over time to a warm brown when exposed to sunlight.

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