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Palma Convention Centre is a space for hosting events in Mallorca, ideal for congresses and meetings. It provides meeting rooms, large spaces for conventions and numerous rooms in different parts of the building which allow the simultaneous celebration of different meetings in the same location. The wide range of rooms of different sizes and with different layouts make this convention centre the ideal place for organising events. From working groups, executive meetings, and press conferences, to training sessions, technical services and subcommittees.

  • Eivissa room

    The Eivissa Room is one of the main meeting rooms for events at Palma Convention Centre. Located on the third floor, it provides a 320m2 room divisible into 2 sections of 160m2 or 4 sections of 80m2, each of them with a separate entrance. The division of the room by panels allows simultaneous work groups. A room with overhead lighting that lights up the room in a natural way and provides a comfortable and welcoming ambience. The light and neutral colours of the room features allow easy personalisation with branding items for any event.

    A versatile space which is ideal for holding meetings, work sessions, smaller conferences and all kinds of business events. It also includes a technical production room to provide lighting, sound control or a range of technical services.

    The corridors on the 3rd floor around the Sala Eivissa form a spacious hall with natural light that floods through the large windows overlooking Palma Bay. An ideal space for relaxation with beautiful sea views, perfect for installing stands, displaying posters, event registration or coffee breaks overlooking the Palma seafront.

  • Menorca room

    Similar to the Eivissa Room, the Menorca Room is a meeting room also located on the third floor of the Palma Convention Centre. A 320m2 space which can be separated into four 80m2 rooms or two 160m2 rooms, each with its own separate entrance, is ideal for organising congresses, conferences, meetings and work groups. The room provides natural light through a skylight which creates the perfect ambience for any type of event. Superior quality materials and neutral colours allow the easy incorporation of event branding materials and the personalisation of the space.

    There is also a technical production room with sound and light controls as well as technical services simultaneous translation.

    Versatility and comfort in a space with natural light from a skylight, ideal for intense days of meetings, conferences, trainings and other networking events.

    Around the Menorca Room, the 3rd floor corridors form a spacious hall flooded with abundant natural Mediterranean light through windows that also allow stunning sea views. A versatile space which is perfect for a coffee break, event registration or information displays.

  • Palma room

    The Mediterranean Sea is an essential part of the Palma Room, the most popular space in the convention centre. Located on the third floor of the building next to Rooftop Palma, it offers guests enviable views of Palma Bay. The design of the building and glazing fills the room with light and allows direct access to the terrace. A unique space for events in Mallorca, the best MICE destination in the Mediterranean.

    This 620m2 room with sea views is ideal for conferences, meetings and celebrations. It also provides perfect catering options in Palma thanks to having its own fully equipped kitchen. The Palma Room is the only room that has its own internal bathrooms.

    It can host events for more than 400 people or up to 280 people for banquets, and can extend its capacity using the Menorca Room for larger banquets needing more than 1,000m2. The Palma Room can also be combined with Rooftop Palma, an outdoor terrace for celebrations overlooking Palma Bay measuring 600m2 and connected to the Palma Room through two doors. Expanding the space available for full-service outdoor banquets or cocktails as well as outdoor exhibition space which takes full advantage of the natural light and fantastic sea views.

    Access to the Palma Room on the third floor is available by the stairs, lift or escalators.

  • Formentera room

    The third-floor Formentera Room is between the Menorca and Eivissa Rooms and provides natural light thanks to large windows.

    The room can be divided into 3 sections measuring 22m2 each, all with their own external entrance. An ideal space to use as a meeting room for workshops or for congress technical offices.

  • Cabrera room

    On the second floor, the Cabrera Room provides natural light and can be divided into 5 sections, each measuring 31m2 and with separate access. This creates 5 continuous but totally independent rooms with windows allowing natural light. It is an ideal meeting space for business conventions, networking and working breakfasts in Palma de Mallorca.

  • Calvia room

    The Calviá room is on the first floor and is the closest room to the Expo Zone, making it perfect for a logistics room providing support for exhibitions, trade fairs and all the events that take place in the Expo Zone. The Calvià Room provides natural light and can be divided into 2 sections measuring 28m2 each and with separate entrances. Although the windows allow abundant natural light. The room is connected by a corridor to the two mezzanine areas around the Expo Zone on the first floor.

  • Inca room

    Located on the third floor. 87m2 room with a special set-up that includes a bathroom inside the room and a small annex room. Ideal for use as a VIP room, boardroom for meetings or break room for speakers or performers.

  • Dressing rooms

    The Palma Convention Centre provides two dressing rooms with easy access to the Illes Balears Auditorium. Dressing Room 1 measures 43m2 and Dressing Room 2 measures 21m2, both providing large dressing mirrors and an internal bathroom. The furniture allows artists to adjust their make-up and costumes before performances at the Illes Balears Auditorium.

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