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The 53rd National Congress of the Spanish Society of Nephrology is held in Palma de Mallorca with 1,200 nephrologists and national and international experts.


Palma de Mallorca hosted the recent national congress of the Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN), convening over 1,200 experts from November 11 to 13. The event shared cutting-edge research and technology advancements, enhancing the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for individuals with kidney disease.

Javier Ureña, the general manager of the Balearic Health Service, delivered the inaugural speech among 200 speakers and over 100 activities.

A study across four Spanish regions—Aragón, Castilla La Mancha, Galicia, and Valencia—presented during the congress revealed that over half of dialysis patients must travel outside their residence for treatment. ALCER conducted this study with 5,740 patients, prompting the Spanish Society of Nephrology to support patient demands for solutions, emphasizing the significance of promoting home treatment.

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