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Carnival in Palma


In January the streets of Palma are dyed red and black to celebrate the festivities of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastiá, the patron saint of the city, the month of February turns colorful to receive one of the funniest festivities of the year: the carnival.

Carnival is always celebrated 40 days before Holy Thursday, so this year it will start on Thursday, February 16 on the island, the date on which the "Dijous Llarder" is celebrated, a festival that dates back to Roman times, with lots of traditional flavor. It is time for tallades ensaimada, sweet cocas and greixoneras, typical sweets of these dates.

The main carnival festival is Sa Rua, the parade through the streets of the city center, which will be held on Sunday 19. Before the celebration of Sa Rua, Sa Rueta takes place, dedicated to the smallest of the family.

The festival ends on Tuesday the 21st with the Burial of the Sardine, which in Mallorca is celebrated especially in the town of Pòrtol.

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