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Palma gets ready for the San Sebastian festivities in January


Palma never fails to captivate. As the Mediterranean's cultural capital, it fulfills every traveler's dream. In January, the city adorns itself in splendor to honor Sant Sebastià, its patron saint. From January 13th to the 28th, the Balearic capital offers a rich tapestry of unique events and traditions that flawlessly fuse culture, leisure, and heritage.

For over a week, the city buzzes with a diverse array of events. The most renowned affair, the "revetlla de Sant Sebastià," a vibrant street party held on January 19th, draws crowds. Traditional "foguerons," bonfires where people gather to grill sobrasada, butifarrones, and other Mallorcan delicacies, illuminate Palma's night while musical performances enliven its streets and squares. On this night, bands and artists fill the main squares with live music.

Sant Sebastiá Petit, which is celebrated on January 14, is an event aimed at the little ones, with activities for the whole family.

New for this year, on January 20th, there will be an "afternoon" event featuring a concert and live DJ at Plaza de Cort, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Additionally, musical performances will take place in Plaza Major on the same day.

The festival's program also boasts dozens of activities for both residents and visitors. Processions, concerts, theatrical shows, exhibitions, religious ceremonies, and bay-wide fireworks shape an unmissable celebration. And then there's the Correfoc, a parade of Dimonis (devils) launching hundreds of fireworks. Engaging in the revelry, the crowd dances with the Dimonis, embracing the spectacle. This event marks the grand finale of the Sant Sebastià festivities.

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